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Dogs 5000 wedding

Dogs 5000 wedding

Dogs 5000 wedding, Two dog owners treated their pets to a lavish wedding ceremony at a Palm Desert, Calif., country club. The two dogs walked down the aisle in a couture doggie dress and tuxedo n front of 100 guests. The event also featured a live band wedding cake and an open bar Scruffy Rubin and Snickers Carter getting married  In this canine love story, ring around the collar was the intended effect.

Scruffy Rubin and Snickers Carter had a wedding many couples dream of, featuring 100 guests, a wedding cake, open bar, receptionist and even security. But while the newlyweds are reportedly happy together, that are not actually human.The Desert Sun reports that actual humans Ernie Rubin and Ann Carter got together to throw Scruffy and Snickers a $5,000 wedding at the Palm Desert Resort Country Club in Palm Desert, Calif., on Sunday.

“I’m not losing a son, I’m gaining a daughter-in-law,” Carter told the paper.The ceremony was officiated by “priest” Harry Farber, who wore a black collar featuring novelty dog bones.

As the two dogs—dressed in custom couture dress and doggie tuxedo—walked down a faux grass carpet aisle , they were accompanied by a ring bearer, flower boy, groomsman and usher. However, it’s worth noting that the groomsman was a Pug named Max.A live band serenaded them with a rendition of “You Light Up My Life.”

And while all of that sounds pretty over-the-top, Rubin and Carter turned the canine ceremony into a good cause by asking guests to donate to the Orphan Pet Oasis Humane Society of the Desert in North Palm Springs.

“In planning this event Ernie and Ann wanted to make sure that a charity was involved and they felt strongly about what we do at the society,” society representative Jennifer Hamilton told the Desert Sun.
As a little girl, I dreamed about my wedding – what kind of dress I would wear, what kind of cake I would have, and most importantly, who my groom would be. Most little girls do that, and little Lola of Great Britain was no different – except for the fact that she’s a dog.

I thought all dogs were interested in were fire hydrants, mail men, tummy rubs and Kibbles n Bits coupons! But Lola’s owner, an Essex woman named Louise, apparently felt that her tiny pooch was pining for wedded bliss.First, Louise set her Yorkshire Terrier up on a series of blind dates to find the right match, and Lola fell for an unlikely candidate – a Chinese Crested named Mugly, who holds the dubious title of “The UK’s Ugliest Dog.” The two played together for hours on their first “date.”
Once she landed her man, it was time for Lola to pick wedding attendants, find a dress, and book a venue. It took Louise three months to plan the September 2010 wedding ceremony, which was attended by 80 human guests and many dogs as well. Louise spared no expense on the ritual – the reception venue alone cost more than 3,000 dollars! Lola’s wedding dress cost more than 1500 dollars, and catering for dogs and people was estimated to have cost upwards of 5000 dollars. The total price tag for the wedding came out to just over 20,000 British pounds.hat’s is more than many people spend on their own weddings, so I think this is doggone crazy! Lola and Mugsly’s wedding was not the only dog wedding to occur in the UK in recent years, but it was far and away the most expensive on record. So what motivated Louise to host this exceptional weddin
"My dogs are my pride and joy so nothing is too good for them. I enjoy spoiling them because it makes me happy,” said Louise. "Lola has completely transformed my life and brings me so much happier so this was my way of thanking her.” I understand loving your dog – but I usually just treat my dog with Kibbles n Bits coupons. Besides, my dog wouldn’t want even a modest wedding – he likes his bachelor lifestyle.
"It's a dog's life" has got a new meaning with the uber rich ready to shell out millions for their puppy love. We have earlier told you about the splurges the celebrities and other rich poochie owners make to make their pets feel comfortable and well cared for. While Paris Hilton got her pets a luxurious pet mansion, a Thai jeweler splurged $4.2 million on a diamond tiara for his pampered poochie. One such case is of pet lover Louise Harris, who has taken her puppy love to another level. She has spent more than $155,765 (£100,000) on all sorts of extravagant treats for her Yorkshire terrier, Lola. Notably, recently we also told you about Gold Pet Mattresses (luxury pet sleeping) and designer Stone Pet Bowl.This is not for the first time Louise has come into limelight because of her pet. Prior to this she spent around $31,128 on the Britain's most expensive pet wedding. Lola got married to Chinese Crested Mugly. The bride was decorated in a white dress and accessorized with 1,800 Swarovski crystals and a pearl necklace. The vent was planned by Louise on the grounds of a mansion in Bradwell on Sea, Essex.

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