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Iconic celebrity hairstyles

Iconic celebrity hairstyles
Iconic celebrity hairstyles - National Hair Appreciation Day will be here in no time. Before you start celebrating with a deep condition, a badly needed trim or a scalp massage, quiz yourself on the strands of the stars. See if you can guess who rocked these iconic 'dos and, in some cases, don’ts. If you feel any confusion to understand or guess your famous celebrity hairstyle then click on Link Below.......

Match point mullet

This retired tennis star rocked a bushy mullet that became legendary long before he reached the No. 1 spot on the courts.
Crazy crest on the court

The NBA power forward is nicknamed “Birdman,” which is apropos, given his sky-high cut of choice.
A sitcom’s style sensation

Though few viewers would envy her character’s messy love life, women across the country coveted this sitcom star’s hairstyle.
The most renowned redhead

Her flame-red hair shone bright, despite her hit show’s black-and-white format.
A disgraced statesman's pate

His past career as a governor may have hit rock bottom, but his hair never lost its luster on camera.
A cutting-edge classic

This raven-haired silent screen queen snipped her way to “style icon” status.
A cut that ruled centuries later

It takes serious clout to rock a haircut that transcended centuries, and this ancient dictator had it.
A straight-up diva

Her long locks were famously bone-straight in the early 1970s but later took on every shape and shade under the sun.
The most bizarre braids

Artis Leon Ivey Jr. is better known by his hip-hop stage name and is known, best of all, for his gravity-defying cornrows.
The "Silver Fox"

This news anchor is considered a sex symbol, gleaming gray hair and all.
A country-fried coif

In 1992, the world got an earful of country hit “Achy Breaky Heart” and got its first glimpse at this singer’s signature mullet.
A feathered angel

Thanks to her role as one of the original Charlie’s Angels, this actress with a head of trend-setting cascading hair became a '70s style legend.
Presidential hopeful hair

This Republican White House contender has sported the quintessential conservative politician hair since his days as the second in line to the president's spot.
A singer’s signature spikes

William Michael Albert Broad brought punk to pop fans with “Rebel Yell” and an often-emulated spiky blond 'do.
Style fit for Washington royalty

Topped off with her signature chapeau, the former first lady’s classic cut brought timeless style to the White House.

A knock-out 'fro

The famed boxing promoter worked with the likes of “the G.O.A.T.” and “the Real Deal” but his shocking mane commanded as much attention outside the ring.
Unfading '80s chic

This island-born tastemaker made a name for herself with an androgynous flat-top look and outrageous fashions.
Hair that’s beautiful like a rainbow

If '80s audiences needed evidence that girls just wanna have fun, they only had to look at this pop singer’s asymmetrical crayon box hairstyle.
A reggae king’s crowning glory

The fame of this reggae legend helped make dreadlocks the ubiquitous style they are today.
One of the most fab heads in rock

Long before Bieber Fever started, he and his three band mates set nations of girls to screaming and swooning with their thick, tousled mop top cuts.
A top-notch knot

Off the court, this professional baller has curly locks reminiscent of Kenny G, but while he’s playing, he has been known to rock a topknot.
Maverick style

This former governor achieved her well-known 2008 “hockey mom” hair courtesy of this hidden gem stylist.
Gridiron locks

Beneath this NFL player’s helmet is nearly 10 years’ worth of long, wavy hair.
Teased Tennessee tresses

She’s the “Jolene”-crooning country star whose decade-spanning style is a testament to the “bigger is better” credo.
The King’s crown

The King of Rock & Roll reportedly kept his pompadour sleek using rose oil and this medicine cabinet staple.
A rainbow-bright baller

Basketball’s Hall of Fame got a lot more vibrant in 2011, when this forward with a passion for hair dye was inducted.
A diva-worthy 'do

This Motown front-woman’s hair became a solo act all its own in the ‘70s.
Action hero hair

From his role as The Terminator, to serving as The Governator, his flat-top has become as much a part of his image as his bulging pecks.
Style fit for a princess

The world took note as she turned British royal style on its ear with her modern frocks and short, feathered hair.
A towering CEO cut

He may live the lavish life, but this real estate tycoon claims to use a drug store brand on his trademark bushy comb-over hybrid.
Simply the best blonde

When Anna Mae Bullock went solo as an '80s pop star, she took center stage with a spiky blond wig that remains her calling card.
The pixie poster child

Gamine model Lesley Hornby and her pixie cut came to symbolize high fashion’s mod moment in the '60s.
A broken-in beehive

This rowdy, retro-loving R&B singer preferred her signature beehive to be teased to imperfection.

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