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Oreo breast milk

Oreo breast milk

Oreo breast milk - Kraft Foods flees from Oreo breastfeeding ad, Kraft Foods is denying that an ad showing a baby breastfeeding while holding an Oreo was ever supposed to be released to the public. The ad, which features the slogan "Milk's Favorite Cookie", led some critics to say the company crossed the line, despite Kraft saying it was meant only for an advertising forum.

Pointed ad reminds us that Oreos go with breast milk, too Humans are trained from a young age to know that Oreos demand milk in order to be enjoyed correctly. A new South Korean ad for the cookies makes this point very clear by showing a young consumer turning to mom, literally, to make the most of his snacking experience. The ad, featuring the tag line, "Milk's favorite cookie," shows an infant holding one of the delicious treats while nursing at a woman's breast. As with most things showing explicit breastfeeding, a donnybrook has broken out among commenters. Some see the ad as the light humor it's meant to be, but a few killjoys are taking it way too seriously: "No kid would care for any fcuking [sic] oreo while being breastfed." Someone needs a cookie.

Oreos and milk, a snack time classic. Dunking Oreo cookies in a warm glass of milk? No problem. But dunking them in a warm glass of boob?
The above ad apparently debuted this month in South Korea with the tagline "Milk's favorite cookie" (more info here). In the print spot, a nursing baby holds an Oreo cookie. Titled "Oreo Basic Instinct", the ad was created by the South Korean branch of Cheil Worldwide, one of the globe's biggest ad firms.

Sometimes on Kotaku, we go to great lengths to test snack time treats—whether that is Chocolate Creme Twinkies or the McGangBang. But I think we'll sit this round out. You can't dunk Oreo cookies into boob, silly baby!

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