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robot prostitution future

robot prostitution future

robot prostitution future - Are robots the future of prostitution? In the year 2050 prostitutes won't be smuggled across borders and will be free of all sexually-transmitted diseases. Of course, they may need batteries too. That's according to two Australian scientists who wrote a paper called "Robots, Men and Sex Tourism" that points to sexbots as the future of prostitution.

Tourism futurologist Ian Yeoman, from Victoria University, gave a preview of what the world could be like in 2050, shaped by global warming, an older population, food, water and jet fuel supply problems and technological advances.
Dr Yeoman said the future may see a more controlled society with a return to mass tourism spawning a range of new indoor tourism products. Indoor artificial ski centres, circuses, zoos, golf courses and recreated landscapes, as well as giant cruise ships, could be among the new attractions. As costs for basics such as electricity and food increased, tourism operators could turn to robots as cheap labour.

Robot waiters at bars, remote-controlled camera-carrying guard dogs in hotel lobbies and self-cleaning hotel rooms were all likely.

"Robotics will become important, because you're going to have labour shortages in the future," he said. "You'll have some sort of interaction in terms of robots doing certain types of mundane activities."

Even robot "prostitutes" that would not pass on diseases such as HIV could make an appearance, he said.

"But you're talking about extreme futures."
Dr Yeoman said technology would also revolutionise hotel bedrooms, with beds that sensed a guest's comfort needs and chemical wallpaper that could change colour to suit a guest's mood.

The future of sex tourism lies in robot prostitutes, two Victoria University researchers have theorised.
Management professor Ian Yeoman, a futurist with an interest in tourism, and sexologist Michelle Mars have looked to how red light districts might operate in the year 2050.

The futuristic scenario of sex tourism suggests android prostitutes will reign supreme, eliminating the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections in an industry free from sex slavery.

Their paper: Robots, Men And Sex Tourism, published in the journal Futures, imagines a sex club in Amsterdam named Yub-Yum.

Sexual tourists will pay about 10,000 Euro for an all-inclusive service from massages and lap dances to intercourse from the scantily-clad sexbots parading around.

In an increasingly youth and beauty-fixated society, Yub-yum would provide a range ''of sexual gods and goddesses of different ethnicities, body shapes, ages, languages and sexual features.''

Yub-yum would be staffed by androids and licensed by the council meaning it could be regulated and used to market the city as a sex tourism destination.

''Amsterdam's tourist industry is built on an image of sex and drugs. The council was worried that if the red light district were to close, it would have a detrimental effect on the city's brand and tourism industry.''

The androids would be made of bacteria resistant fibre and would be flushed for human fluids, therefore guaranteeing no STIs are transferred between consumers.

Clients could feel guilt free as they actually have not had sex with a real person and would not have to lie to their partner.

''Robot sex is safer sex, free from the constraints, precautions and uncertainties of the real deal.''

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