Monday, May 7, 2012

Best Buy employee outs man

Best Buy employee outs man

Best Buy employee outs man - Man says Best Buy employee 'outed' him on Facebook as joke, Man says Best Buy employee used old phone to falsely out him. Making sure one's Facebook account is logged out when having a cellphone repaired is a lesson Rich Dewberry will likely never forget. That's because when he brought his phone to Best Buy for repair, he soon found a message posted to his Facebook wall saying, "I am gay. Im coming out" a post he says had to have come from a mischievous Best Buy employee.

A man who exchanged his mobile phone for a new one at Best Buy wasn't a happy customer when he says he discovered an employee used the old phone to ghost write a message on his Facebook page. Rich Dewberry tells KMGH-TV in Denver the message said: "I am gay. I'm coming out."
Dewberry says he's straight and got calls from friends and an ex-spouse after the message was posted.
He says he didn't log out of Facebook before giving up his old phone, and the message was posted before his new phone was activated.
Dewberry says Best Buy told him the employee was fired.
Best Buy didn't confirm the dismissal to KMGH but said employees sign a code of ethics detailing how they should handle customer information.

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