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FBI Most Wanted

FBI Most Wanted

FBI Most Wanted, Just shy of the one-year anniversary of Osama bin Laden's assassination, the FBI updated its Ten Most Wanted list The list currently stands at nine with the recent capture of James Whitey Bulger. The FBI is offering a hefty reward for all but one  of these fugitives.

Eric Justin Toth

Wanted since: 2012

About him: The former school teacher and university graduate is believed to be a computer expert who is wanted for possession of child pornography.

Be aware: The FBI says he might pose as a professional who works with children. What field?
Jason Derek Brown

Wanted since: 2007

About him: The bilingual fugitive is an avid sportsman  and spends his time in nightclubs. He's wanted for killing an armored car guard and then fleeing with the money

Be aware: The FBI believes he could be armed and has ties to California, Arizona and Utah.
Joe Luis Saenz

Wanted since: 2009

About him: The gang member  and possible Mexican drug cartel worker is wanted in the murder of four people, including two rival gang members and his girlfriend.

Be aware: The FBI says he is always in possession of a weapon and travels between the U.S. and Mexico. What threat has he made?
Glen Stewart Godwin

Wanted since: 1996

About him: The two-time prison escapee, once from this notorious prison, is accused of murder, including killing a fellow inmate  and drug trafficking.

Be aware: The FBI believes he is involved with narcotics distribution in Mexico, Central America and South America
Robert William Fisher

Wanted since: 2002

About him: The former healthcare worker and firefighter is wanted for killing his wife and two children  and blowing up the family house .

Be aware: Fisher  has ties to New Mexico and Florida and could be in possession of weapons.
Semion Mogilevich

Wanted since: 2009

About him: The international fugitive  is wanted for a slew of fraudulent financial dealings between 1993 and 1998

Be aware: The native Ukrainian  and university graduate  is considered the leader of this Russian mafia.
Eduardo Ravelo

Wanted since: 2009

About him: With a criminal history starting in 2003 he's amassed a list of charges including racketeering, multiple conspiracy charges, including conspiracy to possess heroin, cocaine and marijuana with intent to distribute.

Be aware: Ravelo is a native of Mexico but has permanent resident status  in the United States. He is believed to reside with his wife and children
Alexis Flores

Wanted since: 2007

About him: The handyman is wanted for the kidnapping, rape and murder of a Philadelphia girl in 2000.

Be aware: He has ties to Honduras and has a large surgical scar on his neck
Victor Manuel Gerena

Wanted since: 1984

About him: In one of the biggest heists in U.S. history  Gerena is believed to have disabled two fellow employees at a Wells Fargo armored car depot  as part of an operation by this Puerto Rican organization.

Be aware: Gerena holds a place of distinction on the FBI's list, and the organization is offering its highest reward  for information leading to his capture. Read the latest about the arrest of suspected accomplices in the 1983 heist.

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