Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ray J shaving ad

Ray J shaving ad

Ray J shaving ad, Whitney Houston's ex fights ingrown hairs in new ad, Ray J, the rapper and ex-boyfriend of Whitney Houston  is helping in the fight against ingrown hairs after signing an advertising deal to hawk Prince Reigns shaving serum The rapper appears in an ad with a famous model  clutching him, along with the words "Privacy Matters." n the billboard ad  J is seen embracing paparazzi favorite Sophie Monk in a spa, with Monk herself dripping with diamonds. Oh, and did we mention Monk is also getting $1 million for this shot? Yeah, apparently Prince Reigns sells pretty well. Well enough to pay two dead-eyed aspirational scrotewads $2 million to push shaving cream.

Ray J is the ‘singer-turned-reality TV star’ who is still most famous for appearing on the Kim Kardashian sex tape in a … starring role. .

Monk … I have no idea.

Anyway, regarding their mysterious appearance together at Ray J’s pad, Monk later explained:

“I had to tell my mum that I had been over to Ray J’s house but I was there for a modelling job for a new campaign for Prince Reigns, and I left at 3:30 and the only picture taken of me was at 3:30 in the afternoon when I arrived.”
Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Ray J famous for his sex tape has teamed up with sexy Australian actress Sophie Monk for a racy new campaign ad. The 31-year-old showers topless the blonde bombshell, 32, with rose petals as they play together in a pool while shooting an ad for shaving serum, Prince Reigns. The pair are said to have signed $1 million deals to be the new faces of the brand. Knowing Ray j it won’t take him long to get to know Monk or ad aer tattoo of her face to his repertoire …LOL!
Ray J showed off his sexy side (just go with it) in the recent Prince Reigns ad for shaving serum he shot with Sophie Monk. In the pic, Ray J showers a topless Sophie with rose petals while frolicking in a pool. Sadly the cheesiness factor seems like normal everyday behavior from Ray…R&B star Ray J got wet, wild and sexy in with Aussie actress Sophie Monk in their ad for. See the pics inside as well as pics of Pharrell modeling for Gap.
It has to be mentioned though that Ray J has released their home sex video in 2007. Well, after that Kim has become very famous! To learn more details about Ray J's revealing tell-all book, take a look at the video I have made! Hope you like...

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