Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6-year-old bully

6-year-old bully, A 6-year-old bully was made to sit in front of a classroom full of his peers while the students lined up to hit him, according to The San Antonio Express-News. After being labeled as a “bully” by his teacher, the child was taken to another classroom, at which point the kids were encouraged to repeatedly strike the alleged troublemaker.

By the time everything was said and done, at least 24 students had taken shots at the child, who, according to his mother, has experience “emotional trauma” as a result of the incident.
Reports indicate that the first teacher, curious as to how she should deal with a potential bully, asked one of her fellow educators for advice. After separating the 6-year-old from his class, “the second teacher took Aiden into her kindergarten classroom and told her students to hit him in order to ‘teach him why bullying is bad, instructing them to ‘Hit him!’ and ‘Hit him harder.

”According to his boy’s mother, Amy Neely, her son’s friends were also instructed to hit the child, many of whom were “too afraid” not to hit him. Although Adrien Neely told his mom that all 24 students slapped him, police reports suggest that only six or seven children performed the act.
“This kind of activity just can’t go on,” district spokesman Steve Linscomb explained. “This teacher is a relatively young teacher and just needed to be re-educated and reminded what needs to happen in the classroom in order for it to be a safe learning environment.”

The first teacher has been placed on paid leave, though she will be allowed to return to the school next fall. The second teacher, however, has been fired from her position. According to KARE 11, police are filing charges of official oppression against both individuals.

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