Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beatles drugs Russia

Beatles drugs Russia, The rampant drug abuse in modern Russia can be traced to the Beatles and their experiments with psychedelics, the country’s top substance abuse official said on Monday.“After the Beatles traveled to Indian ashrams to expand their consciousness, they introduced the idea of changing your mental condition through drugs to the populace,” Yevgeny Bryun said.

“When business understood that you can sell it all – pleasure and things that accompany it – this was when it all started,” said Bryun, who oversees anti-drug and alcoholism efforts at the Health Ministry.
Modern advertising is actively promoting various “pleasures,” including drugs, undermining all medics’ efforts to the contrary, Bryun said at a press conference in Moscow.
Media should put more effort into anti-drug campaigns and promotion of healthy lifestyle, he said.
Russia has about 5 million drug addicts, a 60-percent increase from 2000, Federal Drug Control Service head Viktor Ivanov said in February.The Beatles have often been accused of stuffing drug references into their lyrics. Now, Russia’s chief expert in drug abuse has announced he is holding the Fab Four responsible for promoting drugs across the world back in the 1960s.
“After The Beatles had gone to expand their conscious in Indian ashrams they succeeded in implementing this idea – to change one’s mental state with drugs – into people’s minds,” Evgeny Bryun told Interfax news agency.
Among The Beatles’ songs allegedly containing possible drug allusions is "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" written by John Lennon and recorded in 1967. Some maintain, the very title of the song could be a reference to the drug LSD, due to the initials taken from the song's title.
"Doctor Robert", co-written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, is allegedly awash with drug references. One of the most striking and obvious being that drug dealers are often called "doctors."
Some claimed that "Happiness is a Warm Gun" – another hit written by John Lennon – was a metaphor for a syringe loaded with heroin. "I need a fix, 'cuz I'm going down / Down to the bits

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