Monday, June 18, 2012

Calvin Sneed murder pimp

Calvin Sneed murder pimp, Parents accused of murdering daughter's alleged pimp A San Francisco couple is facing murder charges after allegedly tracking down the man who was pimping their 17-year-old daughter and killing him . Barry Gilton and his girlfriend Lupe Mercado are accused of gunning down alleged gang member Calvin Sneed , though some have said the murder was justified Calvin Sneed, a 22-year old Los Angeles man, was shot dead by a pair of vigilante parents that wanted revenge on the man who they believe pimped out their teenage daughter, according to police.

Lupe Mercado, 37, and Barry Gilton, 38, allegedly hunted down Sneed and shot him to death on June 4.
Mr Sneed's father, Charles, is now speaking out - saying that his boy was indeed troubled, but that gave no one the right to gun him down in cold blood.Authorities believe the pair were responsible for a shooting last month where someone fired into Sneed's car in North Hollywood - but the gang member from Compton, Los Angeles, escaped unscathed.
When that attempt at killing him failed, the couple are said to have tracked him down in San Francisco in the early hours of June 4.avenues, causing the gang member to crash his Toyota Camry. Sneed later died at San Francisco General Hospital.
Charles Sneed said his son had just dropped off the girl near her home in the Bayview neighborhood, but prosecutors said the pimp was in the city to try to get the girl back from her family.

'Who are they to say they are God, to determine whether Calvin lived or died? How come they didn't let a judge do that? They took it into their own hands,' he said.

Mr Sneed, a professional welder and handyman, said that he repeatedly tried to make his son leave behind his criminal occupation.

A month before his death, Mr Sneed even tried to stage an intervention for his son.

'I wrote him letters, saying, "You have to realize that you're pimping somebody's daughter, somebody's sister." You know, they might not like that. These people have families out there, I told him that,' Mr Sneed said to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Attorneys for the couple, who have been together since high school, said they did not kill the Nutty Block Crip street gang member.

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