Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hilary duff cigarette

hilary duff cigarette, Hilary Duff has been criticized after photographers snapped a shot of the recent mother holding a cigarette outside a bar.The former "Lizzie McGuire" actress who in the past has attempted to serve as a positive role model was criticized after a photograph of the star revealed her holding a cigarette over the weekend. The photo was taken in front of Rock N Reilly's Irish Pub in Los Angeles just months after the 24-year-old gave birth to her first son.

Duff married NHL player Mike Comrie in 2010, and the couple gave birth to their first child in March of 2012. Duff has never smoked in the past, which has created even further controversy over why the actress may have decided to start the bad habit now with a newborn in the house.
MTV responded to the "OMG Hilary Duff is smoking but she just had a baby!!!" frenzy by chastising the young actress.
"PLEASE STOP HILARY!! We love you and all, but you just created your amazing, perfect, and adorable family. There's really no need to add cigarettes into the equation," MTV wrote.

Duff, however, has denied ever smoking the cigarette and instead stated that it belonged to someone else."Yikes me holding a cigarette for my friend might have been a bad idea! pretty bummed about the photo.. Sorry guys, looks worst than it is!" Duff wrote on her Twitter account after the story first broke.

In a previous Us Weekly interview, Duff had also stated that she was trying to stick to a healthy diet in order to lose weight but breastfeed at the same time.

"I'm breast-feeding, so you have to be careful and not do anything too drastic," Duff said earlier this month.

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