Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Joan Rivers slams Glee

Joan Rivers slams Glee, Joan Rivers trashes 'Glee' in new book Comedienne Joan Rivers' new book, "I Hate Everyone … Starting with Me," spares no one from her famous vitriol, from this TV star to this historical figure and even this Holocaust victim Discussing her book, Rivers reportedly took aim at the show "Glee," saying, among other things: "Lea Michele isn’t in high school -- she’s a 37-year-old woman" This is certainly out of line! It shouldn't air on tv in my opinion.Smoking pot on a tv show, it's like encouraging people to beleive that this is normal. How irresponsible is that?? Joan Rivers is far beyond of being a role model!That's for sure!

Considering that she is 78 years old, it's inexcusable! She has my granny's age! It's not cool at all! They are kids and teenagers watching these tv programs!

The sad thing is that under the you tube video, there are comments, such as "You go Joan! You are the Queen!You are so cool". Well, no wonder why drug addiction spreads like a virus...It all starts with cannabis and then ends up with cocaine, meth, crack etc.

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Lady Gaga is getting ready to launch a website dedicated to her Little Monsters Pop On The Pop have loved Joan Rivers since the 80s when I’d stay up late to watch whenever she was hosting The Tonight Show and I’d tape her monologues on my cassette recorder.

This was pre-VCR folks!

Joan is one of the great showbiz survivors who has reinvented herself multiple times and managed to remain relevant.

Joan turns 79 today and she is as busy as ever hosting the weekly Fashion Police show on E! and starring with her daughter Melissa in a reality show on WE called Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best.

I chatted with Joan in January at a luncheon and she told me that through all of her career ups and downs, she has always been able to count on her enormous gay fan base.

‘They were the first ones to laugh at me,’ she said.

Then she added, jokingly: ‘Kathy [Griffin] got the ones I don’t want. She got the ones that don’t have chic apartments.’

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