Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kanye Kim babies

Kanye Kim babies, Kanye West wants babies with Kim Kardashian ASAP, says source Though socialite Kim Kardashian has yet to finalize her divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries, her relationship with rapper Kanye West is already hurtling to marriage and children, according to an unnamed "pal" of the couple (what did Kardashian give West for his birthday?). The source says that West "can't wait" to have kids with Kardashian and that their relationship is the "real deal". The tabloids are having a ball with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new romance. Star recently reported the millionaire couple was fighting over money; In Touch then claimed the pair was eloping; and now, OK! has joined the fray with a piece titled “Kim Wants Kanye’s Baby.” The tab says that although she and West only went public three weeks ago, Kardashian is supposedly “telling pals” she plans to have the rapper’s baby. According to a supposed “pal” of the reality star, “Kim thinks Kanye would make a perfect baby daddy.” The alleged insider notes, “Kim has been friends with Kanye for almost a decade, so she knows him so well,” adding, “Now, both are ready for a serious romance.” Another “source” tells the mag, “Kim will be 32 this year and always envisioned she’d be a mom by now,” and West, for his part, has allegedly ”said one of his goals is to be a dad.” OK, so because both Kardashian and West eventually want to become parents, that means they’re already planning to have a baby together? That seems a like a bit of a leap. In reality, Kardashian and West have just started going out, and they’re relationship is not yet serious.

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