Tuesday, June 12, 2012

lungs found on street

lungs found on street, As best I understand it, the quality of being lungs is a binary state. Lungs either are or are not, but I guess if you aren’t accustomed to seeing lungs on the sidewalk, then you may need a moment or two to determine if the objects in front of you are in fact, lungs.

Hence, “possible lungs.” Works for me.

On 8:30 PM Sunday, Los Angeles police were notified of the possible lungs by a definite citizen who was probably expecting a lung-free stroll on a lovely summer night. The police have taken the possible lungs in for tests to see if they’re a) ACTUAL lungs, and b) human.

I don’t know what the test is to determine if something is a lung, but I’m guessing it involves a new cadet poking them with a stick, then taking big breaths and feelings his own chest to determine if the things he feels feel like they could look like the thing he just poked.

As of press time, the lungs remain possible, LA County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Robert Dean summed it up nicely.

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