Thursday, June 21, 2012

NJ sheriff Facecrook site

NJ sheriff Facecrook site, Cops create 'Facecrook' site, A New Jersey sheriff's office has taken a novel approach to tracking down fugitives by creating an aptly-named "Facecrook" website. Deputies hope to track down suspects charged with a wide range of crimes, including this and this.

NJ sheriff’s office creates ‘Facecrook’ sitek, A New Jersey sheriff’s office has a new website that’s looking for arrests instead of friends.

“Facecrook’’ features the names, photos and last locations of fugitives wanted by the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office. The site creates a map and users can send anonymous tips to help authorities apprehend those wanted on everything from failure to pay child support to committing murder.

Inspector Mickey Bradley tells The Record newspaper ( he came up with the idea about a year ago and bought the Facecrook address for $17.

Users entering the site must agree not to use it to “intimidate or harass another.’’ The site includes a “do not apprehend’’ warning to discourage people from vigilantism.

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