Friday, June 22, 2012

Octomom loan

Octomom loan, 'Octomom' lands new gig: Selling personal loans, Nadya Suleman the mother of 14 better known as "Octomom," may have recently declared bankruptcy and had her house enter foreclosure proceedings, but that hasn't stopped one company from hiring her as a spokesperson for personal-finance loans. The loan company — imaginatively named "OctoLoan" — aims to offer small loans to desperate people at up to a 600 percent interest rate.

What could go wrong??? Octomom -- the most financially irresponsible person on the planet -- is now hawking a solution to all YOUR money problems ... in the form of dangerously high-interest cash loans.

Sources tell TMZ, Octo recently signed a deal to endorse a service called OctoLoan, which connects users to cash lenders -- offering financially desperate people access to as much as $1,000 instantly.

Problem is -- the loans are short-term ... and extremely high-interest ... often exceeding 600% APR ... which means they're usually NOT a good idea for people in dire straits (the target demo).

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