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Strange Pets of Celebrities and The Famous

Strange pets of the famous, Famous people are accustomed to having any and everything at their beck and call, so it's not rare to see them out and about flaunting their extravagant lifestyles with unusual sidekicks. See the exotic, exceptional -- and sometimes dangerous -- companions of the famous that made headlines.

John Quincy Adams

The clues: The sixthU.S. president received his swamp-loving pet as a gift from a French aristocrat and military officer.

Tycho Brahe

The clues: The 16th-century astronomer's unorthodox pet was known to roam freely during parties and had a hankering for alcoholic beverages until a drunken tumble down a flight of stairs ended it all.
George Clooney

The clues: The actor's eight-year relationship with his potbellied pal "Max, the Star" may be the bachelor's longest commitment to date. His current love.
Calvin Coolidge

The clues: The bushy-tailed pet with dark fur around both eyes was sent to the White House to be prepared as part of a holiday dinner, but after winning over the heart of the 30th U.S. president, it became a guest at the table and enjoyed its favorite feast instead.
Salvador Dalí

The clues: The eccentric artist was hardly seen without his feline travel companion Babou, which served as inspiration for a pet on this FX comedy series.
Joséphine de Beauharnais

The clues: The first wife of a French political leader allowed her red-haired, tree-loving friend to dress in a white cotton chemise and enjoy its favorite treat at the family dinner table.
Audrey Hepburn

The clues: The actress decided to keep her horned co-star Pippen after forming an unbreakable bond.
Paris Hilton

The clues: The hotel heiress and celebutante was loyal enough to save her nocturnal squirrel-like companion Baby Luv from euthanasia after it scratched and bit her, but she subsequently gave it the boot.
Andrew Jackson

The clues: The seventh U.S. president's African flying companion Pol was not unusual as a pet, but drew attention for its humor and propensity to swear in English and Spanish, which it reportedly learned from the president.

Michael Jackson

The clues: The late King of Pop kept his tea-loving human-like special friend Bubbles nestled in a crib in his bedroom and even allowed the pet to accompany him abroad on tour.
Ivan the Terrible

The clues: The notoriously ruthless ruler kept his hibernating pet unfed in special dens throughout his castle and used its ability to attack at will as a method of punishment.
Angelina Jolie

The clues: The actress gave up her long-tailed rodent pal Harry for adoption after vets claimed it was acting out.
The Kardashians

The clues: The sisters rented a diaper-wearing Capri-Sun-loving faux child Suzy for one week to teach their grandchild-deprived momager a lesson.
King George I

The clues: One of the most unique pets belonged to this Great Britain monarch. Answering to the name Peter the Wild Boy, this Kensington Palace pet was said to have been abandoned in the woods and to have walked on all fours.
Lord Byron

The clues: The famous poet took extreme precaution when choosing his college roommate. After discovering the university's sanctioning of canines, he opted for a larger, hairier animal.
Courtney Love

The clues: This rocker tweeted funny-faced pictures of herself while in bed with her hard-shelled companion.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The clues: The musical legend didn't have to stretch too far outside his comfort zone when he took in a flying musical counterpart affectionately referred to as "a little fool."
Pope Leo X

The clues: In parts of Asia, his pet Hanno was thought to be a sacred symbol of good fortune and royalty. Hanno was given to the pope on his coronation by a Portuguese king known as the Fortunate.
Elvis Presley

The clues: The King didn't keep his Australian-bred pouch-bearing marsupial around too long, opting to give it to a zoo when he discovered it wasn't as much fun as he'd hoped.
Theodore Roosevelt

The clues: There were more than 20 animals at the White House during the 26th U.S. president's term, but none stood out more than the one-legged dawn-crowing addition.
Tori Spelling

The clues: The actress and her egg-laying playmate CoCo can be seen together presenting awards and dining in the finest Hollywood restaurants.
Kristen Stewart

The clues: Judging by her choice of furry companionship, one might guess that the "Twilight" actress has switched to Team Jacob.
Steven Tyler

The clues: The rocker and talent judge had this to say about his nocturnal and omnivorous childhood pet: "I put it on my shoulder and went fishing with it every day."
Mike Tyson

The clues: The former champion may have flown the coop when it came to his sport, but he returned to his love of raising and training his flying friends, often thought to be a nuisance to city-dwellers.
Vanilla Ice

The clues: The "Ice Ice Baby" rapper-turned-home improvement guru's 60-pound kangaroo-like buddy Bucky Buckaroo made headlines when he escaped and damaged a neighbor's car.

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