Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vanity Wonder butt injection

Vanity Wonder butt injection, Butt-injection' addict exposes world of black-market rump enhancements Mother of two Vanity Wonder has written a book) that delves into the world of illegal cosmetic procedures, including buttocks injections that have given her own rear end massive proportions . Wonder says she has had injections of this substance, but she now insists on medical-grade silicone -- something many other clients don't do, she says. You are probably asking yourself "who in the world is Vanity Wonder?" And rightfully so, considering shes not a celebrity at all. Shes a model of sorts, but is now getting even more attention due to her recent book entitled 'Shot Girls'.

The book chronicles Ms. Wonder's quest for a bigger backside, which led her into the dark underbelly of black market butt injections. The book also details how butt injections are becoming increasingly popular among women who obsess over having a larger booty.Vanity Wonder has confessed to a 5 year love affair with 'butt shots', undergoing 16+ injection procedures. And from the looks of this before and after photo, we're not the least bit surprised...

The silicone substance used in these back ally injections is highly dangerous and should not be considered as a viable option for enhancement. These injections are not approved by the FDA, and numerous deaths have been reported since the onset of the new trend. Remember the Fix-A-Flat nightmare?

When silicone gel is injected into the body it can be absorbed by white blood cells and then distributed via the blood stream, reaching the lymphatic system and vital organs causing an array of serious side effects, including death.

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