Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Zimbabwe Mr Ugly

Zimbabwe Mr Ugly, Zimbabwe man wins 'Mr. Ugly' pageant, William Masvinu is hoping his new title as Zimbabwe's Mr. Ugly contest winner will help him launch a modeling career. Masvinu, who beat out four other guys in the pageant, says he's ready to show the world his gift. In addition to his victory, he also won $100 in cash and a night in a hotel – which he traded for food.

Zimbabwe Mr Ugly Hopes to Model for Food, A man deemed to be the ugliest man in Zimbabwe is now on the search to be a well-paid model. They say your good looks will get you nowhere, but William Masvinu was hoping that his bad looks would get him a paid gig. The 38-year-old man recently won the title of Mr. Ugly during the Mr. Ugly pageant in Zimbabwe. With a title under his belt he is now looking for work as a model but for some reason, no one is looking to hire him.

"I was expecting to do some adverts and some modeling if I was asked. But I'm still poor, still carrying loads of cabbages onto buses," Masinvu told The Washington Post.

The 38-year-old currently works in an impoverished Harare township carrying groceries for shoppers and has said that the pay isn't great.

"I am ready to show the world my gift," he said. "Being ugly is not a curse. It's a gift God gave me and I'm proud of it. My face makes me special and I am not making any excuses about it."

Masinvu isn't so much looking for fame as he is a meal ticket. His victory over four other top contestants won him $100 and a night stay in a hotel, but Masinvu cashed the hotel night to get food."It didn't make sense to sleep in a nice hotel on an empty stomach," he said.

After years of being punished in some way or other for not being an attractive boy, Masinvu explained that he had hoped it was time for the tables to change.

"My mother died when I was three and no one wanted to take care of me or send me to school because of my looks," he said. "Whenever employers open the door and see me, they go, 'Ahh,' and shut it."

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