Thursday, July 26, 2012

10 Reasons We Are Positively Giddy About The Olympics

10 Reasons We Are Positively Giddy About The Olympics - Why we love the Olympics In homage to a British cult TV classic, "Absolutely Fabulous" and its leading ladies, Patsy and Eddy, here are our top 10 surprisingly down-to-earth reasons we really — sincerely — love the Olympics.

Opening and closing ceremonies The music. The dancing. The pageantry. And the suspense. It’s when we get to learn about the culture of the host city, feel national pride when the Olympians file into the stadium, and are awed when the celebrated athlete who lights the cauldron is revealed. And are the Spice Girls really reuniting for the closing ceremonies? Pictured: Muhammad Ali.
London calling “Hey, look, kids! There’s Big Ben, there’s Parliament.” Plus a lot more to see in this grand city: royal-watching, hats, Kate and Pippa Middleton. Keep calm and carry on, but mind the gap. Cheers! Pictured Kate Middleton and Prince William.
Underdogs How can you not cheer for the athlete who comes from behind, proves everyone wrong and wins the gold? Pictured: Rulon Gardner.

Social games The 2012 games have been called the first truly ‘social’ Olympics. What’s trending in London? Just follow your favorite Olympians on Twitter. Pictured: iPhone.
Girl power Gymnastics, soccer, basketball, swimming, diving, track. Female athletes and female-dominated sports get much-deserved attention during the games. Pictured Lauren Cheney, Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan of the US women's soccer team.
Victory laps When winners of track and field events cross the finish line, get draped in the stars and stripes and run a victory lap, it’s pretty hard not to start chanting, “USA! USA!” Pictured: Bryan Clay.
Record-breaking performances Fastest. Highest. Strongest. It’s amazing what these athletes can push their bodies and their minds to accomplish. And it’s inspiring to watch. Pictured Jessica Hardy, Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin.
Feel-good stories Is there anything more American than redemption? When athletes get second chances, we can’t help but cheer for them. And for two weeks this summer, they’re our heroes. Pictured: Eric Shanteau.
Broad stripes and bright stars The scene: American athletes on the podium, with shiny medals around their necks and “The Star-Spangled Banner” playing? Cue the goose bumps. It never gets old. Pictured: Nastia Liukin.
Obscure sports When else do you get to cheer for badminton, handball and table tennis players? You might think of them more as games than sports, but there’s no doubt the players have serious talent. Our favorite? Synchronized swimming. Pictured: US synchorized swimming team.

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