Wednesday, July 25, 2012

$3 Pregnancy Test

$3 Pregnancy Test - if you're at a bar in Minnesota and need to know if you're pregnant? You buy a $3 pregnancy test from a dispenser. While it seems incredibly strange to buy a pregnancy test in a bar, the price is right, and they are quick and easy to take in a bathroom. Oddly enough this $3 pregnancy test dispenser test could work.

Possible moms-to-be may just want to know if it is a negative or a positive before they indulge in a night of drinking in order to protect against fetal alcohol syndrome. Plus, the convenience factor of not having to go to the pharmacy or check out with one of these tests at a store is also a positive here.

A bar in Mankato called Bar 500 is trying out the new dispensers in a partnership with Healthy Brains for Children. If you don't have $3 in cash or coins, never fear. This fancy machine even takes credit cards! Talk about convenience.

Could you see buying and/or taking a pregnancy test in a bar? If you did take one, do you think you would tell the baby's father in the same location?

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