Wednesday, July 18, 2012

antonio banderas and melanie griffith

Hollywood star Melanie Griffith is expected to accompany her husband Antonio Banderas during his stay in Sofia, where he will take part in a new movie, called "The Code".

The couple arrives in Bulgaria's capital at the end of the week, reports say.

The other star that is to participate in the crime drama is Morgan Freeman, who is also to land in Bulgaria in the mid-October.

The shooting of the movie, which is production of the US moviemaker Nu Image, will start in few days in New York.

A total of 12 Bulgarian actors are to play together with the two Hollywood stars, Deyan Donkov, Zahari Baharov and Velizar Binev among them.

Oscar winner Freeman and the star from "Desperado" Banderas will play the roles of master jewellery thieves, whose new aim are Faberge eggs, owned by a NY collector of Russian origin. The couple met on the set of the movie Two Much, and were married a year later in May of 1996. They have one child together, a daughter named Stella del Carmen Banderas Griffith, who was born in 1996. Stella appears in the 1999 movie Crazy in Alabama. Melanie has Antonio's name tattooed on her arm. Melanie has three children altogether, basically one with each person she was married too. Her most noteable previous relationship was with Miami Vice star Don Johnson.El País has confirmed an article in Hola magazine which says that Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith are to lose a strip of land from their villa plot at Los Monteros in Marbella. 1,240 square metres of their garden, which runs directly along the beach, is designed for public equipment in the urban plan, and will be taken away in order to allow the public direct access to the beach, as demanded in the Ley de Costas. Banderas purchased the property from the late broadcaster Encarna Sánchez, who had it built illegally when Jesús Gil was mayor of the town. He’ll probably be happy with the loss of part of the garden as an earlier sentence from the Andalucia High Court in 2003 demanding the demolition of the entire property, called ‘La Gaviota’ has since been overturned.

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