Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baseball Babe Bandit FBI

Baseball Babe Bandit FBI, A woman in Arizona may not be stealing home, but she is stealing from multiple local banks, according to authorities. And now the feds are on the case.

The FBI has asked for help catching a woman suspected of a bank-robbing spree in Mesa between March and June 2012, CBS-5 reports.

Officials have dubbed her the "Baseball Babe," due to her penchant for sporting baseball caps, as seen in surveillance footage.

The suspect is also shown wearing sunglasses during the alleged robberies. During the most recent incident, the suspect reportedly handed the teller a demand note stating that she was bearing a gun, according to Bandit Tracker Arizona.

FBI Agent Lance Leising told My Fox Phoenix, however, "We have not seen a weapon."

Alliterative stealers are all the rage these days. In June 2012, "Buxom Bandit" Tonee Walker allegedly committed a heist at a gas station in Australia.

The internet had some fun with the earlier moniker. made an animated cartoon of the well-endowed alleged thief.

The search is on in Arizona for a female bank robber nicknamed the 'Baseball Babe Bandit' because of her fondness for baseball caps. The 120-pound thief may have also worn this as a disguise to rob a fourth bank, the FBI says.

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