Sunday, July 8, 2012

Big Brother season premiere

Big Brother season premiere, Big Brother 14 premieres this Thursday July 12 and host Julie Chen is promising viewers this could be the best Big Brother summer yet. Just last week we got a glimpse of what the house would look like this year. It has a very edgy, and funky vibe to most of it with a peaceful, zen, Japanese feel going on in the back yard and HOH room.

We also got a look at some of the guests who will be in the house and will be competing for the grand prize of $500,000.

Only twelve guests were introduced and Julie has let us know that four other guests will be living in the house as well. These four are returning guests who have appeared on Big Brother already and are some of the fan favorites.

On the CBS website their is a list of previous guests who may be one of the four. You can vote on the four you wish to see in the house and each day one of the previous guests will be removed form the list. The four left will be who will compete this season.

Go to and see if your favorite house guest is in the running.

It is said that they will live in the house and will be playing their own game within the game to win a prize of their own.

Speculation has been that they will be mentors of some sort and that if who they choose to mentor, secretly mentor, wins then they win, if their person they chose gets eliminated, then they can not win.

Nothing has been confirmed about this as of yet, it is all speculation.

Julie has also let us know that on the one hour live premiere show, one huge shocker will be revealed and that there will be many twists this season that no one will expect.

Every summer we are told to expect the unexpected and it seems like this season is no different.

One of the house guests may end up shocking the other house guests if they find out who he is in real life.

Survivor's villian, Russell Hantz's brother Willie is one of the house guests competing in the Big Brother house this season.

Now, he is no Russell but he has said that he plans on being sneaky and doing whatever he can to win the game. He did say that he may play like Russell but with one difference, he will win.

I guess we shall see, if he is found out to be Russell's brother, I am sure he will be nominated for eviction fast, and he knows that.

Big Brother season 14 kicks off this Thursday night and will air three days a week.

Tune in to CBS every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights to see all of the fun and drama as the house guests live and compete together to win the grand prize.

Remember you will also have chance to vote for what the house guests will eat if they lose a food competition and also for luxury items.

If you would like to see what is happening in the house 24/7 you can do that by subscribing to the SuperPass or by watching Showtime After Dark every night from 11-2 ct only on Showtime.

Watch all of the crazy antics, fun, and drama that take place after dark and get all the info on who is HOH, who was nominated for eviction, who is hooking up with who, and who is forming alliances before the show airs.

I will be posting recaps and spoilers after each episode and as they are revealed.

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When I post a spoiler I will clearly make sure it is marked as a spoiler and that you can not find out what happens unless you open the article up.

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