Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BING: Serial Engagement Breakers

BING: Serial Engagement Breakers, Romance can be a fickle thing, especially in Hollywood. And while celebrities get divorced left and right, some stars have the foresight to end their engagements before getting hitched. In fact, some people have ended more than one engagement. Click through to see who's a member of the very exclusive club of serial engagement breakers.

Sure, Drew Barrymore may already be on her third marriage, but she almost made it down the aisle with two other guys. Lucky for her, she came to her senses and ended those relationships before things went too far.
Johnny Depp may have been partnered up with one lady for almost 15 years, but before that he had three failed engagements -- which could explain why he never married the mother of his two children.
Despite her many high-profile relationships, Cameron Diaz has never been married. She has gotten pretty darn close twice though; both happened years ago.
Rose McGowan frequently finds herself partnered up with intense guys who seem to have a darker side. But even with two broken engagements, Rose is still on the hunt for real love.
For whatever reason, Paris Hilton perpetually wants to marry every single one of her boyfriends. And after two close calls, all Paris has are two almost-weddings under her belt.
Michael Buble may sing songs that make you believe his life is all romance and fairytales, but before he finally got hitched, he almost had two other "I do's."
"Dancing With the Stars" pro, Karina Smirnoff has fallen into the trap of getting into quick engagements that never see an actual wedding ceremony twice.
Ever since striking fame with "American Pie," Tara has been in a lot of relationships, including two failed engagements and a fake marriage -- which is more romantic drama than most people see in a lifetime.
After a failed marriage to Harry Hamlin, Nicollette has been broken off two very public engagements in the past five years.
She may have been unlucky in love in the past, but Sophie Monk isn't letting that get her down when it comes to finding the man of her dreams.

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