Thursday, July 26, 2012

Delores Martes Jackson Death

Delores Martes Jackson Death - Delores “DeeDee” Martes Jackson is Tito Jackson’s former wife and Michael Jackson’s former sister-in-law, Who allegedly killed by her husband in 1994. Martes and Jackson divorced in 1988. Tito Jackson had married Delores Martes in June 1972 when he was 18 years old. Martes and Jackson have three children, who went on to from the group called 3T. Tito’s sons are Toriano Adaryll Jackson “Taj” II, Taryll Adren Jackson and Tito Joseph “TJ” Jackson.

Donald Bohana, 61, contended that Delores "DeeDee" Jackson, 39, had drowned in his swimming pool in August 1994. However, prosecutors suggested she had been beaten and choked. The coroner's report showed she had bruises and cuts all over.

Jackson's death was initially ruled an accident. There was a frantic 911 tape recording played on local television stations from Bohana saying there'd been an accident at his home in the upscale Ladera Heights section of Loss Angles.

DETAIL: Tito Joseph “TJ” Jackson, who on Wednesday was named temporary guardian of Michael Jackson’s three children, was inspired by his famous uncle to form a singing group with his brothers.

TJ had been placed in charge of the children when the kids’ grandmother, Katherine, left home on July 15 and will watch the children while the legal proceedings play out in a California court.

TJ Jackson, 34, is the son of Tito Jackson and the late Delores Martes Jackson. TJ and his older brothers, Taj and Taryll, form the R&B group 3T.

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