Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dennis Rodman Drunk Assault Ex Wife

Dennis Rodman Drunk Assault Ex Wife - I mean, what is there to really say here? Just the typical day in the life of the strange, confused man that is Dennis Rodman. His ex-wife just obtained a temporary restraining order against him for this May 28 incident. Michelle Rodman is claiming the Hall of Famer stormed into her house, drunk, at 2:30 a.m. After finally getting him to leave, Dennis returned hours later (still drunk) to ask if he could take his 11-year old to breakfast.
Dennis Rodman attack, Dennis Rodman accused of drunken assault on ex-wife, Former NBA player, professional wrestler and reality-TV star, Dennis Rodman, is being accused of drunkenly assaulting his ex-wife, Michelle. According to reports, Rodman allegedly showed up at his ex's house drunk and assaulted her before leaving. He then allegedly returned and demanded to go to breakfast with her and his son.

Dennis Rodman Attack, On Friday Ex-Wife Trying To Restrain Dennis Rodman Following Alleged Attack was a top story. Here is the recap: (TMZ) Dennis Rodman drunkenly barged into his ex-wife’s house last month early in the morning, attacked her, then insisted on taking her and their son out for breakfast … where he slammed 4-6 Jنgermeister shots — this according to his ex-wife.

Michelle Rodman has obtained a temporary restraining order against Dennis over the May 28th incident — but was back in court in Orange County, CA yesterday to make it permanent.

Michelle took the stand, describing the events that took place — claiming Dennis had shown up to Michelle’s house wasted at 2:30AM, completely unannounced, and demanded to see his 11-year-old son.

Michelle said Dennis attacked her when she refused, shoving her onto a bed, then took off — only to return hours later, still intoxicated, asking to take their son to breakfast. Michelle obliged … on the condition she came with.
At breakfast, Michelle said Dennis got even more wasted — ordering 4-6 shots of Jنgermeister … in front of the kid … and downing them all. She claimed Dennis then repeatedly made comments about her boyfriend, saying, “You’re f**king this white guy!” So far, it’s unclear if the judge will grant Michelle’s restraining order request — the hearing will continue this morning. Should be interesting … Dennis is expected to take the stand as well. So Dennis, Michelle, and their son all went out to grab a bite. Dennis was still wasted, and at breakfast only got more sloshed. Michelle claims the ex-Bull put down 4-6 shots of Jنgermeister-son present-before yelling at Michelle over her new love interest. She claimed Dennis then repeatedly made comments about her boyfriend, saying, “You’re f**king this white guy!” Rodman though, is disputing her claims, and said he has a witness that will exonerate him of said charges. Now a couple off things strike me as “off” with this story, so I’m going to ask a few good reporter questions… Number one: What kind of establishment serves an already intoxicated man 4-6 shots of Jنgermeister during breakfast hours? Haven’t you heard of cutting someone off? Number two: Were these just straight shots of straight Jنgermeister, or JنgerBombs? Does Dennis Rodman do JنgerBombs? Did doing JنgerBombs with Dennis Rodman just become my new, odd fantasy?

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