Monday, July 30, 2012

Is Sophia Bush Dating Topher Grace

Is Sophia Bush Dating Topher Grace - 'One Tree Hill' Star Comes Clean, The question was posed after the "One Tree Hill" star was spotted on a coffee date with Grace in West Hollywood. She paired her bright yellow purse with a grey top, black fitted jeans, and a silver whistle on a string tied around her neck.
The question of the 30-year-old dating Grace is legitimate, especially since she recently broke up with her boyfriend, Austin Nichols, in February, and has been seen with few suitors since.
However, she stressed to the public that she and the 34-year-old "That 70s Show" star are nothing more than friends.
"Topher has been one of my dearest friends for six years," she told Us Weekly, quelling rumors surrounding her love life. She also stated that she uses Grace to for his sitcom knowledge.
"We have coffee all the time and he is actually a great sounding board for me with sort of how to be prepared with all things sitcom," Bush said while at a press event for "Partners," a new series.
That means the Grace, while seen at the West Hollywood Coffee Commissary, was apparently helping her to be ready for her role on the comedy sitcom. The premise revolves around Michael Urie and David Krumholtz, who play Louis and Joe- lifelong architecture partners whose friendship is tested by their respective romances.
The speculation about Bush's love life- though misguided in this case- is certainly warranted. She has a history of dating co-stars going back to her major role on "One Tree Hill." In 2005, Bush married Chad Michael Murray after dating him for two years. She and her co-star were separated only five months later, and their divorce was finalized the next year. In 2008, it was revealed by Murray that Bush was dating James Lafferty, another co-star on "One Tree Hill." Two years later in 2010, a third co-star, Austin Nichols, was revealed to be romantically linked to Bush, but the couple called it quits in February of this year.

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