Monday, July 16, 2012

Jackie Samuel snuggle

Jackie Samuel snuggle, Woman starts 'snuggle business' — will cozy up for cash, Jackie Samuel is in the snuggle business. That is: for a price, folks in need of some cuddling can show up at her office, called "The Snuggery," and cozy up with her for a rather modest price.

‘Professional Cuddler’ Trying to Earn a Living Snuggling with People for Money, She makes her clients acknowledge that no sex will be involved during the session (sexual arousal is fine), but for $60 anyone can snuggle up with 29-year-old Jackie Samuel for an entire hour.

"You feel more calm for days afterward," said the Western New York native. "It has numerous health benefits."

Indeed, The Snuggery's website extols the "psychological and physical benefits of non-sexual touch," which Samuel claims are "unquestionably supported" by science.

She isn't technically licensed to do what she does — "I couldn't find anybody else who was doing what I was doing," she says — but Samuel is an expert in "Cuddle Sutra," having mastered over 100 non-sexual positions.

And besides, do you really need to be trained on how to hold someone? "I would hope it's something everybody knows how to do," Samuel said. "I just think we kind of lose interest or the drive in our society."

Samuel hopes to change that, making the world a gentler place, "one snuggle at a time."

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