Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 2012 children's gear recalls

June 2012 children's gear recalls, Children's gear Evenflo recalled about 35,000 convertible high chairs after several children were injured in falls. Kids gear is an important thing to check over and keep an eye out for. There are varying amounts of recalls and this month, June 2012, as far as I can see it isn’t too severe in the amount of product lines but there are a lot of items that need to be recalled.

lso around 36,000 Contours Options strollers have been issued recall – There have been five reports of injuries due to a fault hinge.

Kids products need to be checked over it seems, even if you buy them brand new! However if you are buying used you never know if they were earlier recalled and never taken back so it is worth doing an internet search and of course making sure all joints, hinges, moving and small parts seems sturdy and free from damage.

Do you know if there were any other children’s gear recalls we missed for the month and have any affected you? If so did you take it back and get a refund or a new item? Were you dealt with appropriately?

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