Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mashed potato vending machine

In a move that will probably delight and disgust convenience store shoppers at the same time, 7-11 has begun offering mashed potatoes and gravy via a vending machine. Alas, the machines aren’t available here in the US yet. As strange as it sounds, we’d probably be first on line if they were.According to 7-11, Maggi mashed potato vending machines are quite popular overseas, particularly in Singapore.
For the cost of a dollar, customers get a paper cup filled with mashed spuds and optional chicken gravy. Mmm!
In this video, a man actually tries the machine out. It quickly dispenses custardy-looking potato, then spits out a gloppy helping of gravy that seems far too hot to actually eat. “Yum,” he says skeptically.

What do you think? Do mashed potatoes on tap sound tasty or gross?A vending machine that dispenses mashed potato? Really? Yes, it's true. Food company Maggi makes it, and it could soon be coming to a 7-Eleven store near you. Mashed potato fans in the US may soon be able to get a tubful of the white stuff from a vending machine if there’s enough demand for food company Maggi’s somewhat unusual creation. The mash-dispensing machine is apparently a big hit in Singapore, where potato lovers in the city-state have been enjoying the spud-based snack at 7-Eleven stores for a while now. A YouTube video (below) demonstrating the vending machine shows a rather runny substance pouring from the nozzle, followed by an equally runny helping of gravy. And there you have it. Mash and gravy. There’s a “mashed potato BBQ flavor” button on the machine too, offering something a little different flavor-wise. We assume that the snack is produced from potato powder and water rather than freshly picked and peeled potatoes, so we wonder about its taste. And it really does look a little too much on the runny side for our liking. The Tecca website was told by a 7-Eleven rep that “each 7-Eleven owner is responsible for requesting such hardware for their specific locations,” which opens the door for the possible appearance of the mash maker at a convenience store near you. But would you use it? Would a tub of mash and gravy beat a burger when you’re hankering for a quick food fix?

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