Monday, July 16, 2012

navy doctor brain home

navy doctor brain home, A Navy doctor's decision to take a home detour with a Marine's brain that was headed from Camp Lejeune, N.C., to a lab at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center for an autopsy has landed him in hot water. After the trip to his house the doc reportedly brought the brain to its intended destination and the examination was completed without any problems, but that didn't stop the Virginia Board of Medicine from taking action.

Navy Doctor in Trouble for Bringing Service Member’s Brain Home to Show Kids, Dr. Mark E. Shelly, a Navy medical examiner, was fined last month for taking an unscheduled detour with the brain of a service member while en route from a North Carolina naval hospital to Portsmouth Naval Medical Center in Virginia.

The Virginia Board of Medicine says Shelly, 41, brought the brain home to show his children, and even removed the specimen from the jar and let them handle it "while his wife took photographs."

The brain was to be brought directly to Portsmouth for a neuropathological examination as part of an ongoing autopsy. Records show the mishandling did not affect the outcome of examination.

Shelly was fired from his part-time post at the state medical examiner's office as a result of the incident, and subsequently fined $2,500. However, he remains on active duty at the medical center, though a spokeswoman said "appropriate disciplinary action" was being taken.

Shelly has since apologized to the family of the deceased service member for his "extremely poor judgment."

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