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olympic village condoms VIDEO

olympic village condoms - Athletes Tell All In ESPN Report That Reveals 70,000 Condoms Just Isn't Enough Seventy thousand condoms would be enough for the entire city of Boynton Beach, Fla., but at the Olympic Village, that amount won't suffice.

Why, might you ask? Because the Olympic Village is one big sex fest.

Athletes told ESPN's Sam Alipour all the sexy details about life at the Olympic Village -- a city within the hosting city consisting of houses, cafes, and even clubs -- for the magazine's 2012 "Body Issue."

In the report, the ESPN writer revealed some rather scandalous facts, including that 100,000 condoms are ordered for the games. Apparently officials at the 2000 Sydney Games had to put in an order for 20,000 extra condoms after the initial 70,000 ran out. Since then, an order of 100,000 has become the norm.

Even Hope Solo, a soccer star and Olympic gold-medalist, copped to the raucous nights, when sex comes as either a celebratory act or a "consolation prize."

"I've seen people having sex right out in the open. On the grass, between buildings, people are getting down and dirty," Solo told ESPN The Magazine.

Nevertheless, this is not the first time athletes have openly discussed the "sex fest" that is the Olympics.

In 2008, former Olympian Matthew Syed wrote a piece for the Times of London about how the Olympics and intercourse go hand-in-hand.

"Olympic athletes have to display an unnatural ... level of self-discipline in the build-up to big competitions. How else is this going to manifest itself than with a volcanic release of pent-up hedonism?" Syed wrote, according to the New York Post, which cited the Times of London report.

John Godina, an Olympic shot putter, recently told ABC News that athletes are at the games to work hard, but that they're willing to play a little, too.

"Athletes go there focused and once their job is done, they have fun," Godina told ABC. "They don't necessarily go there looking for it, but things happen ... you learn not to ask a lot of questions." East London, where competitors will be staying for the Games' duration

Competitors sexual appetites seem to have soared since Seoul 1988, when just 8,500 condoms were made available.

For Barcelona in 1992, that number leapt up to 50,000. In the 2000 Sydney Olympics, organisers had to order 20,000 more after the initial allocation of 70,000 ran out.

However, the bed hopping may be slightly less frenetic with the London Games, since this year athletes' partners will also be allowed into the Olympic Village for the first time.It is also worth noting, athletes may not marry while on British soil during the Games. However, LOCOG is providing 150,000 condoms in the Olympic village. A word to the wise for any Bata “takkie” wearing Olympian, the advertising police have the right to use “reasonable force” to remove potential unauthorised advertising. Violators can be arrested and fined up to £20,000. It doesn’t stop with athletes either. Fans should be aware, you are not permitted to bring floppy hats, vuvuzelas, strobe lights or gawd forbid, bottled water into the sports grounds. Some might say these stringent restrictions are the work of a heartless Medusa that has shunted London 2012 off to the icy depths of smiling corporate fascism. The Olympic flame that reaches the tax haven of Jersey today was initially a way of glorifying Hitler’s regime. You don’t say! But the boo-hurrah ratio is firmly in favour of those who see the Olympics as a once in a lifetime opportunity over those who protest it is a monumental waste of taxpayer’s money. Whatever your view, I’ll be skipping in tune to the beat down Olympic Street. And a final word to my fellow Zimbabweans as I wish you every success for a victorious Olympics. You may all be ‘faster, higher, stronger’ than me, but I am buoyant. And available if required.

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