Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Police Rescue Doll

Police Rescue Doll - Chinese police squad races to rescue sex doll from river, How many Chinese police officers does it take to rescue a "drowning" sex doll from a river? That riddle was definitively solved recently when police in Shandong, China, got a report about a '"drowning woman" in a river, then raced to the rescue, only to find out afterward that the lady was of the synthetic variety.

More than a dozen police officers worked to rescue a woman from drowning, only to find out it was a blow up doll. Officers responded after someone reported a woman in distress in a nearby river. The crews worked frantically for almost an hour to save the woman.
The rescue gained the attention of several hundred spectators. Once police pulled what they thought was a woman out of the water they quickly realized it was a blow up doll. There's no word on how the doll got in the river.

How many cops does it take to save a drowning sex doll? In China it took took only 18 police officers to rescue a sex doll from a river. It was a harrowing rescue mission for the dozen and a half law enforcement officers who thought that they were rescuing a woman drowning in this moving body of water.

The sex doll was floating between 50 -60 yards of the bank of the river in the Shandong Province in China when these officers arrived on the scene, according to Digital Spy. The sex doll looked very much like a woman floating face down in the fast moving river water.

The officers put together a rescue strategy and it took 40 minutes to reach the inflatable doll. The police officers didn’t realize they were rescuing a sex prop until they were almost on top of the doll.

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