Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ryan Lochte and Blair Evans

Ryan Lochte and Blair Evans - Australian medley swimmer Blair Evans and American Ryan Lochte set the rumour mill buzzing after being spotted flirting during training and leaving the poolside together.

The teams will be enemies when the Olympics swimming competition begins on Saturday, but looking at Lochte and Evans on Monday, there did not appear to be any sign of tension.
While nothing has been confirmed by either camp, the pair looked flirty in the water together, stopping to chat and laugh at the end of a lap, making the training lap session a pleasant task.
After finishing her set Evans dried and changed, then sat where the Australian squad had left their gear. Moments later, Lochte emerged from the water and came over to the 21-year-old West Australian, sat beside her and chatted for several minutes as onlookers stared inquisitively, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.
Lochte left but after changing the American returned and he and Evans left the pool together.
They may have been flirty at times, but they certainly didn't walk out hand in hand, nor did they try to be secretive about anything, and in a sport where swimmers are always friendly towards each other regardless of rivalries, they may simply be good friends who have met at some other event in the past.

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