Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Toni Braxton & American Idol

Toni Braxton & American Idol - The word buzzing around is that Toni Braxton is being considered by American Idol producers to take a judging seat on the heels of the announcement of Mariah Carey’s involvement. Sister 2 Sister magazine is reporting that a worker for Simon Cowell overheard producers throw Braxton’s name in the pile as a serious contender for the other empty judging seat.

The source is alleged to have written in an email, “When I overheard the producers during a candid conversation regarding having two Black, female judges for the first in the history of the show, I almost jumped out of my skin. To add to what was already internal pandemonium, I overheard them say that Toni Braxton was replacing Steven Tyler.”

All speculation, Braxton has not publicly mentioned any Idol involvement, as opposed to Aretha Franklin who has been vocal about her desire to take on the coveted judging role. Another speculating to be in the running is country star Toby Keith.

Fox recently announced that Mariah Carey would be joining the American Idol judges for this year’s upcoming season, but the rest of the judges spots have not been solidified. With both Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler leaving the show, there is still another available spot at the judges’ table. S2S Magazine reports Toni Braxton may be the next to join the cast of Idol:
“American Idol” might be making history by having not one, but two Black judges in its upcoming season. The most recent casting rumor has singer and reality star Toni Braxton taking the place of exiting judge Steven Tyler. If Toni joins the lineup alongside newly announced judge Mariah Carey, this will be the first time ever that there have been two Black women judging as regulars on the series.

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