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Wayne Manor 32 million VIDEO

Wayne Manor 32 million - How much would Wayne Manor cost in real life? With Batman stressed as he battles Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises," the real estate company Movoto says he can at least take solace in the fact that his home, Wayne Manor, might sell for this huge amount if it were listed in the real world. The company's estimate includes most of Wayne Manor's amenities, except for this.Let’s face it, you can’t be the Dark Knight without an elaborate castle to hang up your cape – and it doesn’t come cheap - at about $32million.

With the release of The Dark Knight Rises this Friday, one real estate brokerage took Batman’s high-priced life of luxury into consideration when coming up with a price tag for his lavish home.
Wayne Manor, located just outside DC Comics' fictional municipality of Gotham City, is the ultimate bachelor pad, the roof over Bruce Wayne’s head.Batman's crib: Wayne Manor would cost the average person about $32million if it were listed by a realtor. Pictured here is Mentmore Towers, the location of Wayne Manor in Batman BeginsOne thing working against any appraiser is the fact that Gotham City is purely fictional, so the real estate mantra of ‘location, location, location’ does not apply.
While trailers for The Dark Knight Rises clearly show lower Manhattan and three New York City bridges, Movoto decided that the most comparable city to Gotham was Chicago, taking into account the Windy City’s criminal underbelly of the late 1920s.Using Chicago, the lavish estate’s 42,500 square feet, 11 bedrooms and seven bathrooms, the company came to a total value of $32,100,000.
The Movoto post, however, does not include the price of the Caped Crusader’s subterranean lair – the Batcave – in the list of amenities.
Wayne Manor will return to the big screen on Friday in Christopher Nolan’s final film in the Batman trilogy starring Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman.Back in black: Batman returns to the big screen this week in The Dark Knight Rises, featuring franchise newcomer Tom Hardy, left, as BaneNewcomers to Nolan's franchise include Anne Hathaway as the sultry Catwoman and Tom Hardy as the villainous Bane.
In Nolan's first instalment, Batman Begins, Mentmore Towers in Buckinghamshire, England, was used for exterior shots of Bruce Wayne's digs.
Other Batman films used Knebworth House in Hertfordshire, England, and Stevenson Taylor Hall on New York's Long Island.In the previous film, The Dark Knight, Wayne traded the estate for an upscale Gotham City penthouse, after his home had been destroyed by fire at the hands of Ra’s Al Ghul’s henchmen in Batman Begins.
Forbes magazine has estimated Bruce Wayne’s worth to be about $6.9billion.
But a large chunk of that cash is dedicated to Wayne’s night job leaping on the rooftops of Gotham. estimated this week that being Batman - utility belt and all - would drain Wayne of about $2.8million.

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