Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yomna Khallaf (YomnaKhallaf) On Twitter

Yomna Khallaf (YomnaKhallaf) On Twitter, Triple jumper Voula Papachristou is expelled from Greece’s Olympic team for her comments on Twitter mocking African immigrants. Egyptian Olympic team officials found themselves at the centre of an embarrassing debacle involving their athletes and alleged fake Nike team uniforms in London on Wednesday.

The country’s organising committee was caught on the hop when synchronised swimmer Yomna Khallaf claimed on Twitter she had been given a series of crude knock-offs in her team clothing kit, including a bag bearing a Nike logo and Adidas zippers.

Khallaf, who travelled to London overnight, claimed she was forced to spend about $300 of her own money to buy genuine Nike gear after members of the Egyptian Olympic Committee [EOC] in Egypt told her to take the gear or go without.

Yomna Khallaf’s tweet on the fake Egyptian uniform she was given.

While Nike – not an official sponsor of the team, but its supplier of training, travel and village outfits – immediately issued a statement expressing serious concern about Khallaf’s claims, EOC officials in London claimed they had no knowledge of the matter.

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