Sunday, August 19, 2012

Akula Sub Russia

Akula Sub Russia - quote got information that us LA class sub can not locate akula sub underwater. And also some say that akula is better than that of LA class. Did anyone have usefull facts endquote If your source said that L.A. class subs can never locate Akula class subs underwater then he or it is incorrect. If the source said that there are some conditions under which an Akula can reasonably hope to escape detection by the American sub, he or it _may_ be correct. Of course to evaluate the reliability of such statements we would have to know what circumstances he was referring to. When those "some" are saying that the Akula is better the the L.A. sub does he mean quality and training of the crew? Safety record? World wide logistical support? Turnaround time wrt normal maintainance and resupply? Ability to support and be supported by surface fleets? The above mentioned qualities are at least as important to a successful mission as any others that you might list. You don't have to know much about the Russian Navy in comparison to the American Navy to know where the Akula stands in that regard. If those sources are saying that the Akula has better range, speed, depth ability, sensors, is quieter, has greater weapons load, better operational specs on it's weapons systems, and most important of all greater ability to operate at full tempo without breakdown between scheduled maintainance, and has all of these characteristics at once, then I would say your source is going by highly speculative public reports. There are few people in the world with definitive answers to questions about those abilities just listed as they are applied to both classes of subs. Those people that do have such knowledge are unlikely to be giving it to you. Everything in aircraft, ship and sub design is a tradeoff. What you achieve in one area means you lose in another area. It is likely that the Akula is better in some particular characteristic than the L.A. sub. If the quality in question is not too important to the mission that battle doctrine assigns to the sub then its hard to say that one outperforms the other. If your battle doctrine stipulates never, ever positioning your valuable sub asset in the littoral then its irrelevant in comparing the subs wrt to littoral ability since the one class will never be used in that fashion. Better to compare the merits of the battle doctrines use of resources in littoral warfare. _If_ a sub's greater speed makes it noisier then let me tell you as someone who was in the business of killing subs (in practice only) it's greater speed is a severe disadvantage since we had helos and no sub can outrun them. If a sub's weapons systems are so advanced and revolutionary that even it's own poorly trained crew can't handle them and they blow up killing the sub then that's not an attribute worth attaching great weight to, although it sure would look good on paper. I could go on but the point is if you want to get a meaningful response to "which is better the Akula or the L.A." you have to narrow it down to what you think is important. Northernguy

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