Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alexander Welch Used Flashing Iphone App

Alexander Welch Used Flashing Iphone App, Alexander Welch  used flashing iphone app to play cop. Alexander Welch's iPhone app allows a flashing of red and blue colors which mimics a police officer's lights.

It's believable enough that you could technically pull someone over. For every truly useful smart-phone app available, there are 10 others that are stupid and/or useless. The latter can only sort of be said about whichever police light application Alexander A. Welch supposedly used to try and pull over a driver in Boise.

Welch, as you may have surmised, is not a cop. He is, however, the owner of an unspecified smart phone. There are several police light and siren apps available costing between $0 and $1.99 that basically amount to a flashing blue and red light and an annoying wail.

So as the AP reports today, Welch was driving down the road when he put his police light flashing app on the dash of his car, then tried to make another car pull over.

It’s unclear whether the driver actually pulled over, but he or she eventually grew suspicious and followed Welch’s car while calling the real cops.

They soon pulled over Mr. Cherries and Berries and found the siren app on his phone, which he hadn’t deleted in the interim.

Now Welch has been charged with unlawful exercise of the function of police.We’re just bummed that the ridiculous Frenchman who made the app didn’t get thrown in jail along with him. I mean, listen to this guy:

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