Friday, August 10, 2012

Aly Raisman Clubbing Tweet

Aly Raisman Clubbing Tweet - Aly Raisman is an 18-year-old two-time gold medalist with five days left in London and no competition on the horizon. She’s a star at the largest event in the world with nothing to do. We’d expect her to spend her nights curled up with the “Hunger Games,” sipping a cup of decaf tea and going to bed after Big Ben chimes 9:30, right?

The U.S. gymnastics star had other plans on Wednesday night. Instead of keeping those private, she accidentally sent them out to her 380,000 followers. The message was clearly intended for one of her friends – perhaps another member of the Fierce Five?

Nothing wrong with this, right? Raisman is guilty of nothing more than bad tweeting skills. She’s 18 – legal drinking age in England – and going to a club. Plus, they’re going with guy gymnasts! There’s nothing to worry about at all! They seem like nice fellows, so long as Danell Leyva’s dad isn’t going.

But being 18, Aly likely isn’t well-versed in history. If she was, she’d know that it’s always the cover-up, never the crime, that brings you down. In this case, she could have left the tweet, had her American fans nodding in solidarity and used the, “Uh, I just won two gold medals” excuse with her parents. Instead, she quickly deleted the tweet and did the Internet equivalent of stuffing pillows under the covers and sneaking out the window:

For as smooth as Aly Raisman was on the floor exercise, she was equally unsmooth with that tweet. I hope she wasn’t going to meet McKayla Maroney.

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