Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aly Raisman's dad grumpy spectator

Aly Raisman's dad grumpy spectator - Sitting in a movie theater or live event when the guy in front of you just won't sit down. (Hey you, DOWN IN FRONT!)

And we all know those parents who go ballistic cheering obsessively during a sporting event at every strong move their child makes.

On Tuesday at the Olympics, Aly Raisman's family turned out to be those parents and the people who wouldn't sit down.

It's like they were too excited about something.

While Raisman was busy being boring and winning two individual medals (gold in floor, bronze in beam), her parents Lynn and Rick were going crazy cheering on their daughter, USA's new Olympic darling.

Can anyone blame them?

Thanks to a replay video, we get to see a very angry spectator who could not deal with Raisman's over-eccentric family. He's seen waving Raisman's parents to sit down and providing mean stares throughout the family's celebrating.

Granted, it's annoying to have a bunch of lunatics sitting in front of you cheering. But did someone inform this grumpy guy that he's at a U.S. gymnastics final? Um, earth to grumpy dude who's breathing down famous gymnast's parent's neck, you're at the Olympics. It's not the Opera, buddy. It'd be like going to a dance club and asking the DJ to turn the sound down.

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