Sunday, August 5, 2012

Amber Portwood Depressed

Amber Portwood Depressed - The ‘Teen Mom’ star chose to go back to jail rather than complete her drug rehab program, but now she’s completely regretting it! Find out all the details. Amber Portwood was sentenced to five years in jail when she failed to complete her drug program. Although she asked for jail time instead of finishing rehab, the 21-year-old is now thinking she made a bad choice.

“Amber is very depressed,” her brother Shawn told OK! magazine. “She realizes now that she made a bad decision by going to jail. She misses her family and feels guilty about all of the things she did to hurt them.”

Although Amber is missing out on her daughter Leah growing up, she still stays in contact with her baby daddy Gary Shirley.

“Amber calls him collect every day so she can talk to Leah,” Shawn said. “She tries not to cry on the phone.”

Another source close to Amber reveals that the Teen Mom finale will show an emotional scene where Amber gives up parental rights completely.
Amber thinks it’s “too much pressure to raise a baby,” the source said. “She says, ‘I screwed up my own life enough; why screw up someone else’s worse?’”

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