Friday, August 17, 2012

Dakota Fanning Rents $10,000 A Month Apartment

Dakota Fanning Rents $10,000 A Month Apartment - Aaah, Dakota Fanning. The quintessential college student who’s so normal that she wears sweatpants to her college classes. So normal that she only pays $10,000 a month in rent for her freshman year housing. Oh, I’m sorry, what’s that? $10,000 is more than the average housing costs for an NYU freshman? That’s odd.

I was just comparing her in my head to NYU’s most famous twins to never graduate, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, who paid 7.4 million for their freshman quarters. Compared to them, Dakota’s living like a pauper. We’re talking the difference between a first world country and a third world country. What would the NYU dorms be considered in this scenario? Hell.

Whereas MK & A likely installed an entire dining hall (complete with theme nights) into their foyer, Dakota probably has to settle for a chef who comes in once a week and freezes meals for her. Well, sorry Dakota, that’s what college is all about. It’s an endless cycle of heating and reheating food.

While Dakota’s apartment would be considered MK & A’s garden shed, it’s still a very nice place to live. How nice? Well it’s 67% more expensive than all the other apartment in her neighborhood, so I would say 67% nicer than the average apartment. Which makes sense because Dakota is 67% more famous than all her neighbors.

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