Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dave Schultz Wrestler

Dave Schultz Wrestler - David Leslie Schultz (June 6, 1959 – January 26, 1996) was an Olympic and world champion freestyle wrestler. Schultz was born in Palo Alto, California to Phillip Gary Schultz and Dorothy Jean St. Germain. He had one brother named Mark, and has two half-siblings – Michael and Seana. As a young child he was a little chubby (nicknamed “Pudge”), and was often bullied at school by classmates for his weight and appearance. He also suffered from dyslexia, which many of his teachers mistook for mental disabilities.

Schultz began wrestling in junior high school, and would win both his first national and international wrestling titles in 1977 – the same year he had become a state champion as a senior at Palo Alto High School. As a high school senior he pinned 2-time NCAA champion and NCAA “Outstanding Wrestler” Chuck Yagla at the Great Plains Championships.

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