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Famous Sisters

Famous Sisters
Celebrity Sisters on Aug. 5 is Sister's Day, and we're celebrating famous sisters all over the world. Can you guess these sisters in the spotlight? Check out this gallery of photos highlighting the most famous celebrity sisters in Hollywood. From Mary-Kate and Ashley to Paris and Nicky, there are so many famous families. Which celebrity sisters have made a name for themselves in Hollywood and how did they do it?
Princess Beatrice The clues: Princess Beatrice is a royal who knows how to party – she recently vacationed at this tropical location with her boyfriend. Beatrice and her sister hit the headlines stateside when they donned unique hats at cousin William's wedding.
Charlotte Brontë The clues: Charlotte Brontë, who penned this classic novel, is part of a legendary literary family. Her two sisters also had well-known novels published, including "Wuthering Heights"
Gisele Bündchen The clues: Gisele Bündchen is the highest-paid model in the world and has been since 2004. She grew up in a big family, including her fraternal twin, who is five minutes her junior.
Jenna Bush The clues: Jenna Bush hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons while dad George W. Bush was in office; she was caught with a fake ID in this party city. Her twin sister, who attended this prestigious college, is named after their grandmother.
Joan Collins The clues: Actress and author Joan Collins enrolled in this prestigious London academy at age 9, and a year and a half later she had a contract with one of the biggest agencies at the time. She has starred in two movies based on novels penned by her sister.
Penélope Cruz The clues: Penélope Cruz was the first Spanish actress to receive an award on this prestigious awards show. Her younger sister, also an actress, subbed in to shoot some of the long-distance scenes in this adventure comedy, as Penélope was pregnant during filming.
Zooey Deschanel The clues: Actress Zooey Deschanel's most recent success has come from her performance in this new comedy series. She has a lot to live up to in the TV world, as her sister just started her seventh season on this crime drama.
Hilary Duff The clues: Hilary Duff shot to fame playing the lead in this Disney comedy in 2001. Hilary has since starred in a number of films, and while her actress older sister isn't quite as well known, you may have caught her on this wholesome family show.
Dakota Fanning The clues: Child actress Dakota Fanning, the youngest person ever nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award, has been in a string of films. Her younger sister followed her into the spotlight, starring in this Matt Damon movie in 2011.
Paris Hilton The clues: Paris Hilton got her first shot at TV stardom while starring in this reality TV series with one of her high-profile socialite friends. Paris and her fashion designer younger sister have been in the spotlight for years, as they are descendants of Hilton Hotels founder Conrad Hilton.
Linda Jamison The clues: Linda Jamison and her twin sister are best known for having this unique talent. In 1999, the sisters predicted that this major world event would happen.
Beyoncé Knowles The clues: Singer Beyoncé rose to fame in the '90s as a part of this girl group, and her younger sister followed her into the industry a few years later. In addition to singing, the sisters have modeled for their family clothing line and for this well-known advertising campaign.
Lindsay Lohan The clues: Actress Lindsay Lohan's recent run-ins with the law are a far cry from where she started as a squeaky-clean kid in this classic Disney remake. Her younger sister followed in her footsteps, getting her start with a small role in one of Lindsay's early movies.
Kate Middleton The clues: Kate Middleton has been in the news daily since she married Prince William in 2011. However, it was her sister's bridesmaid gown that nearly stole the headlines on her special day.
Sienna Miller The clues: Actress Sienna Miller hit the spotlight first, starring in "Factory Girl" and "Layer Cake," among other films. She started a fashion label with her big sister in 2007.
Kylie Minogue The clues: Pop star Kylie Minogue first got noticed when she starred as a child on this Australian soap opera. Her younger sis followed her into showbiz and is now a judge on a popular TV talent competition
Tia Mowry The clues: Actress Tia Mowry and her twin sister hit it big with this '90s TV show, and they've stayed in the spotlight since. The year 2011 was big for the twins: Tia had a baby, and her sister tied the knot.
Sasha Obama The clues: The youngest Obama, Sasha, is the youngest to live in the White House since 1961. She and her older sister recently made the news for this, and are often pictured playing with their dog
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen The clues: Mary-Kate and Ashley have been in the spotlight since their "Full House" days. Their younger sister began acting later, and recently received rave reviews for her leading role in "Martha Marcy May Marlene."
Pauline Phillips The clues: Pauline Phillips made her name way back in 1956 when she started "Dear Abby." Writing certainly runs in the family, as her twin sister started her own advice column the year before under this pen name.
Samantha Ronson The clues: The Ronson children, well known in the music industry, include DJ Samantha, music producer Mark and Samantha's fashion designer twin. Who's their musician stepdad?
Jessica Simpson The clues: Singer Jessica Simpson and her younger sister are both well entrenched in the entertainment world. Although they both started as singers, Jessica has focused more on her fashion empire in recent years.
Jessica Simpson The clues: Singer Jessica Simpson and her younger sister are both well entrenched in the entertainment world. Although they both started as singers, Jessica has focused more on her fashion empire in recent years.

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