Friday, August 17, 2012

jackie stallone age

jackie stallone age, Jackie oh! Sly Stallone's mum looks remarkable at 90 in miniskirt and high heelsYou don’t see many 90-year-old grans tottering around in a miniskirt and high heels.But then again there aren’t many about quite like Sylvester Stallone’s age defying mum Jackie. And if she was trying to turn heads as she showed off her leggy outfit and plunging neckline on the red carpet, the amazing Mrs S certainly succeeded.

She stunned onlookers as she turned up for the Los Angeles premiere of her son’s latest movie, The Expendables 2.
But her striking, if not a little odd, appearance rekindled speculation that the secret of her eternal youth is not entirely natural.One expert estimated the work she’s had done could have totted up to almost £70,000.

Dr Aamer Khan, who runs the Harley Street Skin Clinic, said: “Her arms and legs look fabulous.

“Her skin appears very smooth for her age and her chest is almost flawless, but it’s just such a pity about the face.

“With cosmetic surgery, you try and highlight the eyes – and she’s got lovely eyes – but it’s not them that’s being highlighted, it’s her mouth.

“Her lips are far too big. She has them over-filled and I hope it’s not with silicon, as she’ll be stuck with it.”

Better not mention it to Rocky star Sly, 66. He reckons she looks ma-vellous.

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