Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jessica Simpson Addicted To Nicorette

Jessica Simpson Addicted To Nicorette - Jessica Simpson has developed an addiction to nicotine chewing gum, even though she has never smoked a cigarette. The singer started using the product, which is designed to help smokers quit, by accident – but now relies on it for energy.

She says: “I am addicted to Nicorette gum… Never in my life have I smoked. The first time I ever chewed a piece of Nicorette gum one of my close friends’ mother gave it to me. I think she thought she was giving me a piece of regular gum. I was chewing it and it was like a party in my mouth. It was like fireworks and ‘Oh my God, I’m talking a million miles per hour and I love this gum and what kind of gum is this? I have to have this gum!’”

“It’s Nicorette and it gives me energy – it’s like drinking three Red Bulls (energy drinks).”

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