Sunday, August 5, 2012

John Travolta And Sexual Assault Claim

John Travolta And Sexual Assault Claim - John Travolta denied a sexual assault claim made by a cruise ship worker. On August 3, TMZ reported that Travolta fired back at the accusations made by Fabian Zanzi, filing a lawsuit of his own. The actor's paperwork claims that Zanzi's story is fabricated, taking over 2 months to make any kind of rebuttal in this case.

Zanzi first made his claims in June, but he failed to mention the sexual parts of his "story" that involved Travolta exposing himself.
For this reason, Travolta feels as though he has a strong case and is requesting that the court not only dismiss the lawsuit, but that Zanzi pays for all of Travolta's attorney fees. It's not that John can't afford them, it is that Zanzi needs to learn a lesson and be held accountable... that is, if he is indeed lying.

John Travolta and the sexual assault claim made by Zanzi could see the end of the road soon. Unfortunately, this kind of story has made headlines quite a bit it the past. Travolta has been accused of exposing himself and inappropriately touching other men. So far, all of those claims have been washed away, because the other people involved have dropped their lawsuits.
It is unknown whether or not Zanzi will drop the suit that he has filed, but a lot depends on how much evidence he does or does not have. It will be interesting to see if he is asked to comply with Travolta's wishes and fork out the dough for his attorney fees—which is probably thousands of dollars. The sexual assault claim against John Travolta could dry up if Zanzi doesn't plug forward with the lawsuit or if his "story" doesn't add up.

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