Tuesday, August 7, 2012

K Michelle Dating Ryan Lochte

K Michelle Dating Ryan Lochte - K. Michelle Allegedly Dating Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star K. Michelle is allegedly dating Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. During a press conference with rapper Yung Berg, the powerhouse singer admitted to dating a “white guy” who “is a swimmer.”

Yesterday K. Michelle tweeted Lochte, calling him her “Pooh.” Photos of the alleged couple surfaced online, showing Michelle sitting on his lap.
Lochte’s family has denied Michelle and Lochte’s romance.
“He’s too busy! He’s so warmhearted that I don’t think he’d want to have a relationship with somebody,” said Lochte’s mother. “I don’t think he wants to get into a relationship. It just wouldn’t be fair to the girl,” reports US Weekly.

Sources say that Lochte’s family don’t believe K. Michelle is the right girl for him because she is too ghetto! Lochte has generated quite a buzz around his grills that he takes out before each swimming event!

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